Schedule of Events for the10th of July

SportTime (Approx) EventLocation
Pistol8.30Police Pistol 1 IndividualSlieau Lhost
Badminton9.00Warm upSummerland
Badminton9.00Warm upVilla Marina
Volleyball9.00Gotland v Greenland MenCourt 1, Mount Murray
Volleyball9.00Aland v Hitra WomenCourt 2, Mount Murray
Rifle Shooting9.00Rifle Three Position Pairs, OpenSinclair Range
Table Tennis9.00 - 12.00Team Event, Final Play-off StageNational Sports Centre
Gymnastics9.00 - 17.00TrainingIBUSC
Gymnastics9.00 - 17.00TrainingEVGC
Golf9.301st Round, LadiesPeel
Golf9.301st Round, MensMount Murray
Clay Target9.30Individual Sporting - 100 targetsBlue Point, Andreas
Tennis9.30Ladies Singles, 1st RoundKensington Road
Tennis9.30Mens Singles, 1st RoundAlbany Lawn Tennis Club
Badminton9.30 - 14.30Mens Singles (top half)Summerland
Badminton9.30 - 16.00Ladies Doubles Villa Marina
Pistol10.15NPA Service Pistol B TeamSlieau Lhost
Archery10.00 - 14.00Recurve and Compound 50m and 30m, MenCronkbourne Sports Club
Archery10.00 - 14.00Recurve and Compound 50m and 30m, WomenCronkbourne Sports Club
Swimming10.30Mens 400m Individual Medley HeatNational Sports Centre
Swimming10.37Womens 200m Breaststroke HeatNational Sports Centre
Swimming10.54Mens 100m Butterfly HeatNational Sports Centre
Tennis11.00Ladies Singles, 2nd RoundKensington Road
Athletics11.00400m Hurdles Heats, WomenNational Sports Centre
Swimming11.06Womens 100m Backstroke HeatNational Sports Centre
Swimming11.09Mens 50m Breaststroke HeatNational Sports Centre
Swimming11.29Womens 50m Butterfly HeatNational Sports Centre
Volleyball11.30Faroes v Jersey MenCourt 1, Mount Murray
Volleyball11.30Greenland v Cayman WomenCourt 2, Mount Murray
Athletics11.30400m Heats, MenNational Sports Centre
Swimming11.40Mens 200m Freestyle HeatNational Sports Centre
Swimming11.57Womens 200m Individual Medley HeatNational Sports Centre
Pistol12.15Blackpowder Pistol, TeamSlieau Lhost
Basketball12.00Isle of Man v Guernsey Women Court 1, National Sports Centre
Basketball12.00Cayman Islands v Jersey WomenCourt 2, National Sports Centre
Sailing12.00 HW-15.03Standard Race 4Ramsey Bay
SailingasapStandard Race 5Ramsey Bay
SailingasapStandard Race 6Ramsey Bay
Swimming12.13Womens 800m Freestyle HDWNational Sports Centre
Table Tennis12.15Medal Ceremony, Team EventNational Sports Centre
Swimming12.51Mens 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay HeatNational Sports Centre
Air Pistol13.00Air Pistol Open Team 1st relayIOM College
Swimming13.01Womens 4 x 50m Medley Relay HeatNational Sports Centre
Pistol13.30NPA Service Pistol B IndividualSlieau Lhost
Clay Target13.30Olympic Trap - 100 targets, TeamBlue Point, Andreas
Table Tennis13.30 - 15.30Men's Singles GroupsNational Sports Centre
Basketball14.00Rhodes V Gibraltar, MenNational Sports Centre Court 1
Volleyball14.00Rhodes v Guernsey MenCourt 1, Mount Murray
Volleyball14.00Jersey v Saaremaa, WomenCourt 2, Mount Murray
Football14.00Guernsey v Isle of Wight, Women 1St Georges, Douglas
Badminton14.30 - 20.00Mens Singles (bottom half)Summerland
Air Pistol15.00Air Pistol Open Team 2nd RelayIOM College
Tennis15.00Mens Singles, 2nd RoundAlbany Lawn Tennis Club
Football15.00Isle of Man v Ynys Mon, Women 2The Bowl, Douglas
Table Tennis15.30 - 17.30Men's Singles Final 4 GroupsNational Sports Centre
Pistol16.30Blackpowder Pistol, IndividualSlieau Lhost
Basketball16.00Cayman Islands v Saarema, Men 2Court 1, National Sports Centre
Basketball16.00Gibraltar v Rhodes , WomenCourt 2, National Sports Centre
Volleyball16.30Cayman v Isle of Man, MenCourt 1, Mount Murray
Volleyball16.30Faroes v Guernsey WomenCourt 2, Mount Murray
Table Tennis18.00-21.00Women's Singles, GroupsNational Sports Centre
Table Tennis18.00-18.30Mens Singles Prelim 1National Sports Centre
Table Tennis18.30-19.00Mens Singles Prelim 2National Sports Centre
Table Tennis19.00-19.30Mens Singles Prelim 3National Sports Centre
Table Tennis19.30-20.00Mens Singles Prelim 4National Sports Centre
Athletics18.00Hammer Throw Final, MenNational Sports Centre
Athletics18.00400m Hurdles Final, MenNational Sports Centre
Basketball18.00Guernsey v Ynys Mon Men 2Court 1, National Sports Centre
Basketball18.00Jersey v Isle of Man, Men 1Court 2, National Sports Centre
Athletics18.15800m Final, WomenNational Sports Centre
Athletics18.304 x 100m Relay Heats, MenNational Sports Centre
Swimming18.35Mens 400m Individual Medley FinalNational Sports Centre
Athletics18.454 x 100m Relay Heats, WomenNational Sports Centre
Swimming18.45Womens 200m Breaststroke FinalNational Sports Centre
Swimming19.00Mens 100m Butterfly FinalNational Sports Centre
Athletics19.00Discus Final, WomenNational Sports Centre
Volleyball19.00Hitra v Gibraltar WomenCourt 2, Mount Murray
Athletics19.005,000m Final, MenNational Sports Centre
Football19.00Ynys Mon v Shetland, Men 1St Georges, Douglas
Football19.00Isle of Wight v Rhodes, Men 3Gymms, Tromode
Football19.00Isle of Man v Guernsey, Men 4Rushen
Football19.00Jersey v Aland, Women 1Ramsey
Football19.00Jersey v Gibraltar, Men 2The Bowl, Douglas
Swimming19.10Womens 100m Backstroke FinalNational Sports Centre
Swimming19.20Mens 50m Breaststroke FinalNational Sports Centre
Swimming19.30Womens 50m Butterfly FinalNational Sports Centre
Swimming19.40Mens 200m Freestyle FinalNational Sports Centre
Swimming19.55Womens 200m Individual Medley FinalNational Sports Centre
Athletics20.00400m Semi Final, MenNational Sports Centre
Swimming20.05Mens 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay FinalNational Sports Centre
Athletics20.15400m Final, WomenNational Sports Centre
Swimming20.20Womens 4 x 50m Medley Relay FinalNational Sports Centre
Volleyball21.00Cayman v Orkney MenCourt 1, Mount Murray
Volleyball21.00Saaremaa v Jersey MenCourt 2, Mount Murray