Whilst the Games Committee has been successful in securing individual 'Event Sponsorship' there are still three events where sponsorship deals have yet to be finalised.

Corporate support for Island based community projects has always been strong but 'corporate wallets' are not bottomless and during 2000/2001 we have found ourselves in competition with some very worthwhile and high profile initiatives.

Sponsorship is an 'investment' and any company will be looking to ensure that they get a good 'return' on that investment. This 'return' can come in many forms from name association to an opportunity to create brand awareness, corporate hospitality, a staff event or a mix of all plus many more. It is the creativeness of the marketing department that will ensure whether or not the 'return is adequate'. It is our aim to continue to try and support our sponsors to ensure that the 'return' is above the sponsors own and market expectations.

Who would have associated a security company with the promotion of an activity utilising firearms? Securicor (Isle of Man) are sponsors for all the shooting events from pistols to rifle. The company has focused on the safety aspect, the need for strict regulations governing the sport to ensure compliance but without 'strangling' the sport in 'red tape. Securicor have held two excellent 'shoot days' at the St John's Sinclair range for corporate clients giving them the opportunity to 'try their hand' at the sport. This also gives the sportsmen and sports women associated with shooting the chance to highlight the safety aspect whilst at the same time, no doubt on the lookout for new club members.

Scottish Provident International, the sponsors of the Golf have supported two major golf events already to raise funds for the Isle of Man Teams and are proposing to host a reception for the visiting golfers in July. Like a number of sponsors Scottish Provident International are not 'trading'; in the Isle of Man but they are a major employer and have a very strong sense of 'community spirit'. We are delighted to have them 'on board'.

Continuing on a 'nautical theme', Manx Telecom are supporting the Sailing Events and when you see 20 Laser Class yachts in the bay and all in Manx Telecom Corporate Livery it will be quite a sight to see. The Yachting community have specific ideas for these yachts in the future, which typifies what can be achieved with private sector support.

Many of the sponsors are still to declare their support and over the next few months we will be working with them to further their ideas to ensure that they generate as much benefit from their support as the sport concerned.

Sponsors have been found for twelve out of the fifteen events and wherever possible included within the 'sponsorship package' has been sponsorship of the Isle of Man Team. The Teams have costs which again can be fairly sizeable and usually fall on the members themselves to find.

Whilst we are talking to a number of companies we are still seeking to finalise sponsorship for Athletics, Gymnastics and Volleyball. These are all 'high profile' sports with good a following locally and from visiting islands. Sadly a couple of 'International' brand names having shown interest in Athletics recently withdrew and so it's back to the proverbial 'drawing board'.

The question any prospective sponsor will wish to know is 'how much will it cost?' This is where a phone call to Don Lindsay, Commercial Co-ordinator on 626407 will give you the answer. The amount is proportionate to the support the event will receive in terms of number of entrants and public interest. Then you add on the ability to secure a maximum 'return' on the investment.

We are also seeking ' Games Supporters' whereby companies donating between £200 and £500 will receive recognition within the Official Games Programme as 'Games Supporters'. All funds raised will go towards the costs of the Isle of Man Teams (some 250 competitors overall) and in particular their track suits. Over the past couple of months almost £3,000 has already been raised towards the 'Games Supporters' initiative.

In addition to the above there will be an opportunity for banner advertising at selected venues and again Don Lindsay is the man to contact.

Finally the Games Committee is delighted that Manx Radio is proposing to run a dedicated 'Games Station 2001' throughout the week of the Games. Styled similar to Radio T.T. George Ferguson and his team are working closely with the organisers to ensure that as an event the NatWest Island Games 2001 will be an event to remember. The 'Games Station 2001' will offer exciting opportunities for additional advertising. George or Maureen Callow at Manx Radio are the people to contract for further information.

Main Sponsors

Results Service

- DataCentre
IT & Communications - DataCentre
Web site design - DataCentre
Internet Access - Domicilium
Official Clothing - Hilton Hotel
Signage - Tesco Plc

Games Radio

- Bet Internet.Com

- Manx Radio
Official Cars

- Mylchreests Group

Official Merchandising - Clothing

- Esquires

Sponsors of the sports at the 2001 NatWest Island Games


- Betinternet.com
Cycling - Dickinson, Cruickshank & Co.
  - Shoprite
Golf - Scottish Provident International
Sailing - Manx Telecom
Shooting - Securicor ( Isle of Man )


- Dorchester Marine


- Manx Gas

- Singer and Friedlander

Football - ECS International
Gymnastics - Shimmin Wilson
Swimming - Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.
Table Tennis - Isle of Man Newspapers
Tennis - Manx Airlines
Triathlon - Isle of Man Assurance
Volleyball - Mannvend

Games Supporters

Abbey National Offshore Ltd

Anglo Irish Bank Corp (IOM) Ltd
Capital International Ltd
Douglas Corporation
Eley Ltd
Fleming Isle of Man Ltd
Marks and Spencer (IOM) Ltd
Marsh (IOM) Ltd
Merrill Lynch Fund Managers (IOM) Ltd
NIB International Trust Company Ltd
Royal and Sun Alliance International Financial Services
Royal Skandia Life Assurance Ltd
Tilney Investment Management (IOM) Ltd
Titan International Holdings Ltd
Tours (IOM) Ltd
Tower Insurance Co.Ltd
Towers of Rochdale Ltd

The Executive Committee and all associated with the Island Games would like to thank all these companies and organisations for their generous support.

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