Latest News (November 1999)

Since the last report in June much has happened as we look forward to the 2001 NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Man.

1) The 8th Games in Gotland in July were a great success, blessed by excellent weather, keen competition, and a very special atmosphere. The contributions of the 2 new entrants, The Cayman Islands and Rhodes, added much to the proceedings. Our 2001 organising committee were present and we learned much to aid our efforts to make the 9th Games even better - a hard act to follow! We would like to congratulate the Gotland organisers on their success and we would like to thank them for their hospitality.

2) A 15th sport - Triathlon - has been added to the list of sports for 2001.

3) The 3rd Newsletter which focused on previewing Gotland was produced and added to our site. The 4th Newsletter which features a review of Gotland and a spotlight on Triathlon will be issued and uploaded later this month.

4) Leading Manx IT company, Datacentre, has now been formally appointed to provide an Internet based results service for our Games. They will no doubt be drawing heavily on the very successful Gotland service.

5) Our Executive Committee which meets monthly held an extra full day meeting on October 6th. Many important issues were addressed and progress made. A further meeting has been held with the Co-ordinators for the 15 sports.

So with now only 20 months to go before the 9th NatWest Island Games get under way we are confident that strong foundations have been laid to ensure a great event in July 2001.

It only remains to wish all our site visitors a really happy Christmas 1999 and a thoroughly successful and enjoyable sporting 2000.

John Christal (2001 Results Co-ordinator)

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