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I am sure that all of the Member Islands of the IGA will be aware of the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in livestock in the United Kingdom. I am aware that there has been some speculation within the Islands that the 2001 Games will be postponed or cancelled. I have now had an opportunity to discuss the whole situation with our Department of Agriculture.

Firstly, I am pleased to be able to advise that, to date, there have been no outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in livestock in the Isle of Man. Our Department of Agriculture acted quickly to stop livestock imports and has introduced a range of precautions designed to protect against the introduction of the disease. These include disinfection procedures at both air and sea ports. Subject to those arrangements the vast majority of our tourism events are going ahead as normal.

Whilst the Isle of Man Government is obviously monitoring the whole situation on a day to day basis there is absolutely no reason to believe that it will not be possible for the 2001 NatWest Island Games to go ahead as planned. Depending upon the situation we may, upon advice from the Department of Agriculture, need to change some of the venues to reduce risk (e.g. mountain biking) but we will keep all teams advised of any proposed changes.

Obviously, the measures necessary to prevent the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease will depend upon the situation in July. The UK authorities are currently reasonably confident that the disease outbreak will be over by July. In the event that the disease outbreak has not been brought under control by that time our Department of Agriculture will be advising on preventative measures. For example, at the present time, in addition to the normal disinfection, persons arriving on the Island who have come from farming locations or who have had contact with livestock undergo more rigorous disinfection.

Those islands who are planning to travel to the Isle of Man via the United Kingdom, may wish to consult their own local authorities with regard to arrangements for disinfection on their return, although obviously it will depend upon the situation at the time.

Whilst writing to you we would like to take the opportunity of responding to some specific fears raised by Islands directly with us. In particular we would confirm that:
Foot and Mouth Disease affects certain livestock; it does not affect humans - adults or children.
There is no risk involved in eating meat in the Isle of Man - we operate a strictly regulated regime of animal health and public health controls.

Finally, on behalf of the Organising Committee of the 2001 NatWest Island Games, we look forward to welcoming competitors from all 22 member Islands and in all 15 sports to the Isle of Man from 7th to 14th July 2001.


EVERYTHING is in place for the NatWest Island Games on home soil this July, meanwhile plans for the Guernsey Games in 2003 are also well in hand.
The two islands presented reports to the International Island Games Association's Executive Committee when it visited Guernsey recently, with members travelling from as far afield as Shetland, Gotland and Aland.
'We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet with the organising committees of the 2001 and 2003 NatWest Island Games and are confident that preparations for both are progressing well,' said IGA chairman Alan Cross.
'The Games are increasing in popularity all the time and we are currently looking at ways to facilitate as much participation as possible without creating major difficulties for host islands in transport, accommodation andother arrangements.'

The IGA Executive committee meets twice a year and varies the venue for its meetings among its member islands. One item on the agenda for its Guernsey meeting was a letter of intent from Bermuda to apply for IGA membership. The Executive committee also voted unanimously to support Shetland's bid to host the 2005 NatWest Island Games, following an inspection report from IGA vice-chairman Bo Frykenstam.
'We will have no hesitation in recommending Shetland's bid to member islands at the AGM in the Isle of Man in July,' he said. 'During my inspection I was very impressed by the high quality facilities and the enthusiasm of the locals to stage the Games.'

The only Guernsey man on the IGA Executive committee was keen to acknowledge the role of the Games main sponsors in providing support above and beyond the event itself.
'NatWest also provides coaching grants to the tune of £10,000 a year to IGA member islands,' said IGA treasurer Owen Le Vallee.
'Three Guernsey sports shared £2,700 of that amount last year, which has enabled them to bring top level coaches to the island.'
Such is the high street bank's enthusiasm for the Games that NatWest Offshore's chief executive, John Harris, also flew to Guernsey to attend the IGA meeting.
'As the main sponsor of the NatWest Island Games, we were delighted to hear how well both the Isle of Man and Guernsey are progressing with their respective arrangements,' said Mr Harris. 'The whole concept of the Games is one with which we are very pleased to be associated.'

The Bailiff, de Vic Carey, hosted a reception for the IGA Executive in his Royal Court Chambers, which was also attended by representatives from each of the main sponsors of the NatWest Island Games in Guernsey in 2003.

With the start of this year's NatWest Island Games only 4 months away the Executive Committee is launching a monthly web-site-based competition aimed at enhancing awareness of the Games.
Each month, starting on March 5th, 5 questions will appear in the 'Latest News' section of the Island Games web-site. The answers to these questions are to be found within the pages of the Island Games web-site.
The first correct set of answers to be drawn at the end of the month from email entries (sent to or postal entries ( sent to Adam Braidwood, c/o Data Centre, Tromode, Douglas, Isle of Man IM4 4QD ) will win some attractive and stylish Island Games commemorative clothing.

At the end of the 4 competitions (March, April, May, and June) the 4 monthly winners will be entered into a draw with the winning 'winner' receiving 2 VIP tickets to the grand Opening Ceremony on Saturday July 7th and the Closing Ceremony on Friday July 13th.

The 5 questions for this month (March) are:

Where and in which year were the first Island Games held?
Who is the Chairman of this year's organising committee?
Which 2 islands were new to the Games in Gotland in 1999?
Where were the Games held in 1993?
On which date last year was the Games Countdown clock at Ronaldsway Airport unveiled by Prince Charles?


The NatWest Island Games Executive Committee held a trouble-shooting day on Tuesday to identify and solve remaining challenges of staging the Games in July (7-13).

There are just 18 weeks to go until the Isle of Man welcomes the 2,250 competitors taking part in the ninth biennial Games, and the committee is supervising everything from team accommodation and transport to the results service and the opening and closing ceremonies.
Executive Committee Chairman, the Venerable Brian Partington explained: 'The day was hugely beneficial because we were able to deal with many areas of concern and highlight priority areas for action. It will also enable me to give the International Executive an update of the preparations later this week.'

Mr Partington will be travelling with Games Director Mike Ball, co-ordinator Gary Jakeman and Terry Quayle of NatWest Offshore to attend the committee meeting in Guernsey on Thursday and Friday (March 1-2).
Gary Jakeman will return to the Isle of Man via the Isle of Wight and Ynys Mon (Angelsey) to brief the local teams on progress.

Press contact: Brian Partington and Gary Jakeman on 674383.

NatWest Island Games Committee chairman Brian Partington with Mike Ball and Gary Jakeman who are attending the International Island Games meeting in Guernsey this week

NatWest Island Games Committee chairman Brian Partington with Mike Ball and Gary Jakeman who are attending the International Island Games meeting in Guernsey this week

The NatWest Island Games Executive Committee highlights priority action to organise the July event

The NatWest Island Games Executive Committee highlights priority action to organise the July event


THE Island's leading supermarket is getting into the spirit of the 2001NatWest Island Games by co-sponsoring the cycling events. Shoprite and advocates Dickinson Cruikshank & Co are supporting the time trial around St John's and Kirk Michael on July 9 and road racing around the Peel and Switchback areas on July 11 - as well as the criterium races prior
to the closing ceremony on July 13 around the Villa Marina.

Spokesman for Shoprite, Richard Ebbutt, said: 'We are delighted to be able to sponsor the cycling events as we have a long history with the cycling community in the Isle of Man.
'Not only do we have directors and team members who have a keen interest in the various sporting activities that the Island has to offer, but we also have our annual Cycle for Life which, last autumn, raised thousands of pounds for the Special Olympics squad.'

Shoprite's Cycle for Life is now in its ninth year and is organised in conjunction with a cycle relay race around the TT course.
Richard Ebbutt said: 'Being a Manx company we think it is great that the Island is hosting the 2001 Games and we are sure that all competitors will receive a warm welcome and wish them the best of luck. This is the first time the Island has hosted the Games since they were launched here some 16 years ago. There is such strong support from the
community for these Games that we are sure they will be a huge success.'

John Christal (2001 Results Co-ordinator)

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