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The organisers of the NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Man in 2001 have announced the inclusion of Triathlon as an extra sport for their Games.

Mike Ball the 2001 Games Director explained:

"When we originally put together our programme for 2001 we were limited by the constitution of the International Island Games Association to 14 sports. At the Annual General Meeting of the IIGA in Gotland, the constitution was changed to allow an extra sport. "

With only two years to go before the Games in the Isle of Man it was important to finalise the event programme as quickly as possible and Chairman Brian Partington added:

"When we were awarded the Games, we undertook a , consultation of all members islands to see what sports they wanted. Based on the results of that survey, we had already made triathlon our first reserve so it was obvious that when this opportunity arose to extend the programme , triathlon would be the extra sport."

The request was approved by the Executive of the IIGA and triathlon is now officially part of the 2001 programme.

The final word on the matter was left to the Island's Minister for Leisure, who concluded:

"We look forward to welcoming even more competitors to the Friendly Games from 7th to 14th July 2001. "