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Well, by now you will have found out a little more about the venue from the latest Games bulletin. Please no comments on the photograph, I wouldn't mind, but it's my best side.

We are endeavouring to establish which islands are likely to send competitors and, if so, how many. Any figures would be appreciated.

Although preparations are still very much in their infancy we have agreed that only one event will be held. It will be Triathlon, Classic or Olympic distance, whichever term you recognise, non drafting, under British Triathlon Association rules and on the opening Sunday. There will be a team event for men (3) and women (2) as well as individuals. Depending on take up, we are considering allowing up to 10 in total from each island with counting competitors nominated beforehand.

If you have any questions you can contact me on:

Triathlon Co-ordinator:
Ian Brand

44 1624 842891