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The badminton events will be at the Villa Marina and Summerland. Both venues are on Douglas Promenade. The Villa Marina will have two courts and Summerland will have four courts, play will be on "Porta-courts". All finals will be held at the Villa Marina.  A cafeteria will be available throughout the competition for all competitors, officials and spectators. The programme will be the same as all previous games : the team event followed by the Mens and Womens Singles, Mens and Womens Doubles and the Mixed Doubles. The competition will be played according to the IBF and Island Games regulations.

The Isle of Man Badminton Association welcomes all players, officials and spectators who come to visit us in 2001 and will endeavour to make their stay a welcome and friendly week.

The Isle of Man's badminton squads are being trained by English coach Dave Eddy from Staffordshire.
Following a visit to the Island in October, he will be returning at the end of January to coach the Manx players and to observe a rankings tournament at the NSC.

150 badminton players plus coaches will be travelling to the Island next summer.

Each competing nation is allowed to send a team of five men and five women, although some cannot field more than a few players so only participate in the individual events: Men's singles; Women's singles; Women's doubles; Men's doubles and Mixed doubles.
The team competition is the first to be played, starting on the Sunday, and includes: one Men's singles game; a Women's singles; a Men's doubles' match; one Women's doubles and a Mixed contest.
This team event is often a priority with players as it gives each Island a ranking, on which they can aim to improve in the next Games.

The format for both the individual and team competitions will be group matches followed by knock-out games, with play-offs for every position.
The sport's equipment such as posts etc will be borrowed from the NSC for the contest, but an astonishing total of 2,000 worth of shuttlecocks need to be purchased for the one week of competition.

Umpires are to be brought over from Greenland, Canada and Guernsey but the remainder of officials will be Isle of Man based.

Draw for Team Event

Section A

Section B

Section C


Winner of Section A will play the runner-up of Section C

Winner of Section B wil play the winner of Section C

Frank Anderson

Badminton Co-ordinator:
Frank Anderson