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The Isle of Man boasts a fabulous facility at the National Sports Centre (NSC). At the Centre of the facilities is the 25 metre 8 lane competition swimming pool. 2.5 metre lanes with anti wave lane ropes make the ideal environment for the competitive swimmer. Together with a fully automatic time keeping and computer recording results system will be instantly available. The Isle of Man is ready now to hold the Island games Swimming Championships and we all look forward to meeting you.

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1. The Competition will be held under FINA laws.

2. The events will be carried out on a two-start rule. (Rule change after consultation with Technical committee)

3. Medals will be presented to the swimmers placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each final. All other finalists will receive an award and these awards will be presented during the Victory Ceremony. All teams reaching the finals in the relay events will receive medals/pennants including swimmers who participated in the heats and finals. Presentations will be made one event in arrears. The 1500m and 800m freestyle will be presented after the first final of the evening.

4. Points scored by the six finalists, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 will determine the Top Island Award. Disqualified swimmers will forfeit points. In the event of a dead heat, add points together and divide by number of swimmers involved in the dead heat. (E.g. 3 swimmers dead heat for 3rd place, then add points for 3rd, 4th and 5th i.e. 4+3+2=3 points each).

5. There will be a Jury of Appeal, consisting of four qualified persons elected from the competing Islands. A member of the Jury of Appeal cannot vote if the swimmer involved is from the Members Island; however, they are allowed to be involved in the discussions.

6. An Island Games record may be set on the first leg of a Relay.

7. Each swimmer can compete in any number of events. Only two competitors from each Island may compete in any one event and only one team in the relay events.

8. No substitutions will be allowed, after final entries, which is four weeks prior to the swimming opening ceremony. (Note Island Games constitution insists these eight weeks. Thus the IOM's strict requirements)

9. Those competitors taking part in the heats must report to the start control area ten minutes before their event or two events prior to their own event. Seeding of heats and finals will be according to FINA rule SW 3, except in the relays where seeding in the heats will be determined by draw. Events will not be held up for any reason whatsoever. If necessary the race will be swum with empty lanes. Where swimmers have equal times for sixth place (Eighth place in Isle of Man) in the heats, they shall swim off after the last morning heat. The 1500 and 800 freestyle is heat declared winner.

10. Any finalists wishing to withdraw must notify officials in the administration area by the end of the morning heats.

11. Please leave the names of the relay teams for that day at the brief technical meeting.

12. The times and places appearing on the electronic scoreboard are for information only and may not necessarily be the official results.

13. Competitors, who qualify for finals (eight fastest in Isle of Man) from the heats plus two reserves will be notified by the announcer soon after all heats for that particular event have been finalised. A results list will be posted on the board / wall and two copies will be available for each Team Manager. Finals will be spearheaded.

14. Finalists are to assemble at the designated point prior to the previous event finishing. The Finalist Parade and the race will take place even if any finalists are missing.

15. After each final competitor's are to assemble, as soon as possible, at the Victory Ceremony collection area. Again the Victory Ceremony will not be held up.

16. Warm up - one-hour mornings and evenings finishing 15 minutes before the start. The last half-hour will be restricted to swimmers competing in that session; with also at that time Lanes 1 and either 6 or 8 (dependent on pool) becoming sprint lanes. Warm-up Marshals will be present and their instructions should be adhered to. (See general pool rules for local times and adjustments)

17. There will be a short opening ceremony before the first finals. At which, Islands will be represented by, the Team Manager and three swimmers. (One swimmer will be the Island Flag bearer). The teams will be introduced as they enter the pool area, parade round the pool, then proceed with the traditional exchange of mementos between team representatives.

18. Pre-competition Technical meeting to be held before the competition at a designated time and place. It is suggested that only two Team officials attend with one of them being the Team Manager.

19. A Post competition Technical meeting to be held after the swimming competition has finished at a designated time and place. This meeting will raise any relevant points thought necessary for discussion covering the past weeks competition, and also elect the Technical Committee for the next Games. Two representatives from each Island only are permitted to attend.

20. There will be a brief Technical meeting in the Head Quarters one hour before the start of each session, to be attended by one official from each Island.

21. Swimmers should not leave the poolside unless wearing shoes and having dried themselves. Those attending this event must familiarise themselves with the locations of all emergency exits and take all steps to ensure their own safety and that of others.

22. Team Managers are responsible for the general behavior of the competitors.

23. Eating is not allowed on the poolside.

24. Anything not covered by the above or any other relevant matters will be at the discretion of the organisers. All queries are to be directed to the Organising Committee.

25. Pool Plan to be made available if possible.

26. Doping is strictly forbidden as a violation of FINA rules. It is possible that there may be some unannounced testing during the Games. Competitors who are taking medications should declare such fact to the relevant authority.

27. As is customary, at the conclusion of the swimming events, a general fun session gets under way. It is requested that we allow time for the final Medal Ceremony plus any other Ceremonies, acknowledgements and the removing of the lane ropes before everyone gets wet!

28. It is the responsibility of the Team Managers to ensure that all officials, coaches and competitors are fully aware of the general competition rules.

General Pool Rules National Sports Center (NSC) Isle of Man

29. The depth of the water in the competition pool is a constant 1.800 meters through out

30. Pre-Competition Technical Meeting to be held on Sunday 8th July 2001 at 17.00 (5:00p.m.) at Bowls Hall at the NSC. It is suggested that only two team officials from each Island attend, with one of them being the Team Manager

31. Post-Competition Technical Meeting to be held on Friday 13th July 2001 at 11:00 a.m. at the Bowls Hall at the NSC, which will raise any relevant points thought necessary for discussion covering the past weeks' competition, and also elect the Technical Committee for the next Games. Only two representatives from each Island to attend

32. There will be a brief technical meeting in the meeting room, approximately one hour before the start of each session. The first day's meetings (i.e. Monday 9th) will commence at 08.30 in morning, and at 16.30 that evening. Only Team Managers from each Island to attend. Meeting times for the remainder of week will be agreed at the first meeting

33. All team members and team officials are cordially invited to a post-competition party at 21.00 ~ 01.00 (9:00 pm ~ 1:00 am) at the Cul-De-Sac Pizzeria on Thursday 12th July 2001

34. Please do not permanently hang banners etc. from the walls of the NSC, as they will damage the walls. Please use the hoist system provided. See a member of pool staff for string tape etc

35. Complete silence is essential when the Referee blows the whistle and during announcements. The use of musical instruments, horns whistles or hooters is strictly forbidden, until the race is underway. Managers and Coaches are to ensure memorabilia are put aside during a race so to prevent objects inadvertently entering the pool and distracting competitors. The referee and or the promoter will be firm in this matter and ask managers to remove objects from the pool area if they are considered to be a hazard or likely to interfere with a race

36. Swim down facilities will be available in the small leisure pool only, during competition. At the conclusion of the mornings' heats there will be swim down facilities available in the main pool until 14:00 (2 PM). And at the conclusion of the evening sessions there will be swim down available for thirty minutes after all presentations are finished. The pool will be available from 15:00 (3 PM) in the afternoon, there will be no specific times allocated. Team managers or coaches must be on poolside whilst they have a swimmer in the pool

37. You are advised not to leave clothing or any other valuables unattended. Neither the organisers nor Pool Management will be responsible for any loss or damage. Please use the lockers in the changing village, they require 50p to access

38. Be advised seating capacity is limited, swimming bags are bulky, it is therefore requested that discretion is exercised

39. Swimmers are asked not to visit family or friends on the spectator balcony unless they are dried off and wearing suitable foot ware and clothing

40. Food and drink can be purchased from the NSC Café through out the day

41. In line with A.S.A. recommendation, (Our governing body) the promoters of this event require that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with staff at the spectator entry desk before carrying out any such photography

42. Sprint lanes will be lanes 4 and 5

43. Swimmers are not to wash / splash themselves down whilst a race is in progress. This will be considered as an interference of an event and the referee may be obliged to disqualify an individual

44. Use of the slides within the leisure facilities is not permitted Managers and Coaches are to ensure competitors do not use the equipment. Improper use may cause injury and promoters will not be held liable if a competitor ignores the advice not to use the facility especially

45. Officials will be wearing different coloured polo shirts and can be identified as follows

CONGRATULATIONS! You have reached the end! Enjoy

Fir snauee, aigh vie erriu ooilley ayns ny gammanyn as gow-jee soylley jeh yn traa seyr eu neesht.

Swimmers, good luck to you all in the games and enjoy your free time too


Swimming Co-ordinator:
Mr Graham Jones