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ISSUE 3, JUNE 1999



Dear Fellow Islanders. We are so looking forward to welcoming you back to the Isle of Man for the NatWest Island Games 2001. Since that first wonderful experience here in 1985 in the, then, Inter-Island Games, the competition and friendship between our islands has been an important part of our life. We have enjoyed visiting you in the years between and now look forward to having friends old and new with us in two years time.

Since we were awarded, in Jersey, the NatWest Island Games 2001 a partnership of the Island Games Association of Mann, the Isle of Man Sports Council and the

Department of Tourism and Leisure has set up an organising committee which has been very busy and is now well on in its preparations. We also have a full-time games administrator Gary Jakeman - already in post and available to help with your questions. The Isle of Man has a tradition of organising and hosting many major sporting occasions and a wealth of experience and willing volunteers to call on. The T.T.

Motorcycle Races, the International Cycling Week, hockey, rugby and soccer festivals, international car rally and the students festival of sport - where 4000 University students come together, are some of our annual events.

The Island Games have though become very special to us so we are making every effort to ensure the facilities, the organisation and the welcome are just right for you. We all feel a pride in our own Islands but we hope that you will find time between the competition and the social occasions to explore our beautiful and historic home. If we can provide any help or information please don't hesitate to ask. Meanwhile enjoy your time in GotIand to whose people and organising committee we are grateful for making us so welcome.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Partington.
NatWest Island Games
Organising Committee 2001

18 May, 1999 .


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