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ISSUE 3, JUNE 1999



The Department of Tourism on the Isle of Man looks forward to welcoming our friends from all islands of the International Island Games Association in 2001. 


At the time of going to press we were unable to quote actual accommodation prices for 2001 but we expect the ranges per person to be:

5 Crowns Price Band A  65- 85
3 - 4 Crowns Price Band B 50 - 65
1 - 2 Crowns Price Band C 30 - 45
B. & B/Self Catering Price Band D  15 - 30

Naturally, the price bands we have quoted here are really only an indication to the actual costs which will be levied in 2001. Obviously, as soon as provisional bookings have been made, it will be up to the individual organiser from each Island to discuss final charges and costs with their hotel direct.


It is expected that Ronaldsway Airport will be open through the night of the 6thI7th July 2001 to receive flights from all visiting Islands. It is therefore essential that all travel co-ordinators from member Islands inform us as soon as their flight arrangements have been made so that Ronaldsway can be notified of the flight schedules and airport staff can be rostered to handle incoming traffic and visitors to the Island.

Transport from the Airport and Sea Terminal will be organised to take competitors to their hotels.

Internal Transport

The transport plan for the weeks competition is currently being developed. Venues for most of the sports are in Douglas and it will be necessary to start many of the competitions mid morning to avoid the 'rush hour' traffic. It is expected that around the Douglas loop there will be a bus every 10 minutes to move competitors to their respective venues. A more detailed plan for the sports competing outside Douglas will be presented nearer to the Games and will be included in the final programme.

Preview Visit

As you are all aware, the Organising Committee for the 2001 Games will be organising a preview visit for the IIGA Executive and all member Islands in July 2000 where all those who attend will be able to visit the hotels and sports facilities at first hand. The proposed schedule for the visit is as follows:

IIGA Executive

Arrive 12th July 2000 Depart Sunday 16th July 2000


Island Representatives

Arrive Saturday 15th July 2000 Depart Friday 21st July 2000

The Organising Committee and Individual sports co-ordinators will be available to answer all of your questions.

Traveling to the Isle of Man

For most teams the only option for getting to the Isle of Man will be by air. Manx Airlines will only be too welcome to provide you with quotes for charter flights. Also, Mike Bathgate the Games's Transport and Accommodation co-ordinator has a list of all the Charter companies which operate in Europe and he will be able to assist you with your travel plans.

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

During the Summer months the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company operates a Sea Cat service from Liverpool to Douglas ( 2.30 hours ) and the Ben My Chree from Heysham ( Near Morecambe) to Douglas ( 3.30 hours ) and some teams may wish to consider these routes in conjunction with other ferries from mainland Europe.

Travel & Accommodation Workshop

During the Gotland Games in June 1999 the Organising Committee for the NatWest Island Games 2001 will be holding two Workshops ~ for Team Managers/Travel Co-ordinators. These meetings are scheduled for:

Workshop 1 Tuesday 29th June 12 noon Visby Hotel

Workshop 2 Friday 2nd July 9.OOam Visby Hotel

Geoff Le Page, the Director for Tourism on the Isle of Man and other members of the Organising Committee will available to answer all your questions and provide you with advice concerning travel and accommodation on the Isle of Man.


It is customary for the host Island of the next Games to provide a reception after the Annual General Meeting. Voting representatives from all the member Islands who attend the AGM are welcome to join the Organi sing Committee from the Isle of Man in the main restaurant at the Visby Hotel immediately after the meeting closes on Thursday 1St July 1999 where delegates will be able to sample some of the delicacies which the Isle of Man has to offer.

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