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Brian Partington
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Mike Ball
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Larry Kearns
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John Christal
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Don Lindsay
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Ella Slack

The organisation of the 2001 Games will be undertaken by a partnership of the Island Games Association of Mann, the Isle of Man Sports Council and the Department of Tourism and Leisure of the Island's Government. The partners have appointed an Executive Committee to undertake the organisation of the Games on their behalf.

The Executive Committee will be chaired by the Venerable Brian Partington who is also the Executive Chairman of the Island's Sports Council. Brian has had a deep involvement in the successful bid to stage the Games and is relishing the challenge of 2001: 'The real challenge/s to provide a professionally organised event and at the same time retain the friendly atmosphere which is so important to everyone involved." Brian explained.

The key post of Games Director has been handed to the Island's Director of Leisure Mike Ball. Mike is no stranger to major event organisation as he has a big involvement in the organisation of the world famous Isle of Man TT Races which bring 40,000 visitors each year. One of the Island's leading accountants, Larry Kearns, a partner in the firm of Ernst & Young, has been appointed as Finance Director With any major Games, travel and accommodation will be vital issues and responsibility in this area is vested in Mike Bathgate, who in his professional life is Commercial Director of the Island's flag airline, Manx Airlines. He serves as Travel and Accommodation Co-ordinator. Although primarily a sporting event it is, of course, also important for the Games to be a commercial success and the role of Commercial Co-ordinator has been given to Don Lindsay. Don has recently retired as General Manager of Isle of Man Bank which is part of NatWest Offshore who are, of course, main sponsors of the Games. Retired Headteachers John Christal and Brian Head have been appointed as Results Co-ordinator and Ceremonies Co-ordinator whilst former Outside Broadcast Manager with the BBC Ella Slack is the Media Co-ordinator. Ella is very hopeful that she will be able to give the 2001 Games an even higher media profile and exposure on television, especially satellite, is a high priority. Final member of the initial team is Alexandra Dicken as Sponsor's Representative. Alexandra, who is based in Jersey, is the Director of Marketing and Communications for our sponsor NatWest Offshore Limited.

One final member of the Executive Committee has not yet been appointed - the Sports Co-ordinator. Mike Ball explained: 'We will be appointing a full-time Games Administrator from April 1999 and he or she will serve on the Executive Committee in this role."

Brian Rartington concluded 'The team/s now settling in. Three years may seem like a long time but we would like to have a strong framework in place before next year's Games in Gotland so that we can discuss arrangements with the representatives of the other Islands when we are all together."

The Executive Committee has already been addressed by Pater Ludorum, Geoff Corlen, who spoke about what makes a good Games and an early briefing by Peter Pitcher is planned in order that lessons from the organisation of the Jersey Games can be learned.


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