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If past years are anything to go by, when the Isle of Man delegation makes its presentation to the General Meeting of the International Island Games Association in Gotland next year the two topics which will attract the most questions will be travel and accommodation.

In bidding to stage the 2001 Games we emphasised that we were able to be involved in making arrangements for both travel and accommodation. It was, however, very much an offer of help and equally we appreciate that different Islands will wish to take up our offer to different degrees. Our Travel and Accommodation Co-ordinator Mike Bathgate will be in Gotland and will be happy to discuss individual concerns and problems. In order to assist Mike in identifying options prior to the Gotland Games it would be helpful if the Island Secretaries could spend a few minutes completing the enclosed questionnaire and return it to us.

At this stage we can confirm that accommodation will be in Hotels (much the same as in Jersey) rather than in a Village (as Gibraltar).

One of the key questions on accommodation for 2001 will be whether to accommodate Island teams together (in adjacent hotels) or whether sports should be accommodated together.

Our current thinking is that Team Managers would be happier if the bulk of their teams were in a central location but that for certain sports, such as shooting sailing and golf there would be advantages in using mixed Island accommodation close to the event and practice venues.

Your views on this approach would be much appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you.


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