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The Executive Committee has already appointed the 14 Co-ordinators for the Individual Sports in the 2001 Games. The appointments were made after consultation with the respective Governing Bodies of the sports in the Island and are:-

Peter Mumford Archery Co-ordinator
Joan Powell Athletics Co-ordinator
Frank Anderson Badminton Co-ordinator
Neil Bryden Basketball Co-ordinator
Mike Williams Cycling Co-ordinator
Peter Kelly Football Co-ordinator
Joe Boyd Golf Co-ordinator
Ian Bradshaw Gymnastics Co-ordinator
Peter Whipp Sailing Co-ordinator
Harry Creevy Shooting Co-ordinator
Ron Williams Table Tennis Co-ordinator
Bryan Sharp Tennis Co-ordinator
Gary Jakeman Volleyball Co-ordinator

As Brian Partington explained: "The team represents a mixture of people who are well known within the Games community and others who are relative newcomers to the Games community.

We were looking to appoint people who would be able to work together for the 2001 Games and at the same time could build successful organisational groups within their own sports. Above all else we have appointed people who are enthusiastic and committed to our vision."


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