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Results Service Trial

The English Schools Swimming Association ( ESSA ) Divisional Championships provided the perfect opportunity for John Christal, Results Co-ordinator and Dave Joughin of DataCentre to trial the " Online Results Service ", which has been designed for this year's NatWest Island Games

450 competitors from all over England made the journey to the Island for the annual championship, and all were impressed by the facilities which the Isle of Man and the National Sports Centre has to offer this kind of major sporting event.

The results trial was a great success, and Dave and John, with the support of Graham Jones, Swimming Co-ordinator, are now in the process of fine tuning the software for the swimming championships.

Similar trials are scheduled for a number of the events included in this year's programme so that when we go live on the 8th July 2001, all will be operating at 100% efficiency.

NSC PoolSeating capacity reached!

One of the major concerns for the swimming competition in this years Games was space ......... for both competitors and spectators.
Anyone who went to the championships in Gotland in 1999 will remember the atmosphere which was created by the proximity of both swimmer and spectator.
Well perhaps the English Schools Championship didn't have the music between races, but they certainly created a buzz! you can see here that the NSC pool was full to capacity on both sides of the pool and in the spectator gallery.

Each of the 12 ESSA Divisions march into the NSC Pool prior to the Official Opening of the Championships


Spectator GalleryGotland, a hard act to follow

Graham Jones, Swimming co-ordinator for both the ESSA and Island Games Swimming Championships has advised me to warn all swimmers who are coming to the Games next year to bring their dancing shoes to the pool.
Anyone who went to the pool at Hemse in Gotland will know what I mean.


Spectator Gallery full to capacity at the Opening Ceremony

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