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Spotlight on Sport

Ayre Clay Shooting Range, Blue Point

The Isle of Man Sports Council announces additional
funding for the completion of the Olympic Trench Layout

June 2000 saw the Official Opening of the Olympic Trench at the Ayres Club by Alan Bell MHK, Home Affairs Minister. The new facilites were successfully used in the recent Mini Commonwealth Games for the Universal Trench Competition, operating with 5 traps. To bring the trench up to full Olympic standard a further 10 traps needed to be purchased. Following discussions between the Sports Council and the Organising Committee for this years Games, it was agreed to support the purchase of the additional equipment.

Olympic Trench
The Olympic Trench, soon to be upgraded from 5 traps to 15

Ayre Clay Club Host Mini Commonwealth
Championships June 2000

Blue Point
The flags of participating Nations seen flying in the background
in front of the Club House at Blue Point

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