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Physiotherapy Co-ordinator Appointed

Ruth Bradshaw - Physiotherapy Co-ordinatorRuth Bradshaw, Senior Physiotherapist at Nobles Hospital, Douglas, Isle of Man was recently appointed Physiotherapy Co-ordinator for the NatWest Island Games 2001. This role has not been undertaken by ayone at previous games and hopefully this year's event wills et a standard for games to come.

Ruth has had a wide experience of the Games, during which she has undertaken several different roles within the Isle of Man team. Her first games was in the Faroes, where Ruth was a competitor in the Isle of Man Gymnastics team. While training for her physiotherapy qualifications, Ruth supported the Isle of Man Swimming teams physiotherapist in Gibraltar. As a qualified physiotherapist Ruth went to both Jersey and Gotland.

For the first time in the Island Games the physiotherapy/sports therapy support for each Island will be provided mostly by the host Island. In total there will be a team of approximately fifteen therapists at your service.

There will be an evening clinic at Nobles Hospital between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. No appointment is required at this clinic and no charge will be made for any competitor.

Ruth and her team hope that you all have a very successful games and do not require their services, but if you do, you are all very welcome and they look forward to being of assistance.



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