Each of the 15 sports will have a section in which details of the events and the venues will be set down. 

The 15 Sports in the 2001 games are:
logo_archery.gif (850 bytes) Archery logo_football.gif (815 bytes) Football logo_swimming.gif (841 bytes) Swimming
logo_athletics.gif (820 bytes) Athletics logo_golf.gif (859 bytes) Golf logo_tabletennis.gif (826 bytes) Table Tennis
logo_badminton.gif (860 bytes) Badminton logo_gymnastics.gif (776 bytes) Gymnastics logo_tennis.gif (838 bytes) Tennis
logo_basketball.gif (1106 bytes) Basketball logo_sailing.gif (826 bytes) Sailing Triathlon
logo_cycling.gif (1024 bytes) Cycling logo_shooting.gif (856 bytes) Shooting logo_vollyball.gif (852 bytes) Volleyball

As more options become available they will be added to the menu to the left.

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